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Custom Dog Statues
A custom dog statue of little "Stevie.."
Custom Dog Statues
 A custom dog statue of "Miss Amanda."
Custom Dog Statues
A custom dog statue of "Brandy" with his tennis ball.

"This is such an awesome thing!!  Since my Stevie was a mixed breed, there is nothing out there that really looks like her--plus, my heart is broken, I miss her so much, this will be such a wonderful reminder of MY little dog, not just a statue that "kind of" looks like her..."

---Ammie, NC

"A few days ago we received your sculpture of our dog, "Miss Amanda", our dalmatian.  It arrived in perfect condition, but more than that, we were struck by the fact that this was not simply a dalmatian--it was Mandy.  Obviously, there was much care and thought put into this work.  It is evident that you are fully cognizant of the feelings of people who have a much loved dog.  Thank you so much."
                                                                                           ---L. Christofero
                                                                                                Seattle, WA

"I received my statue of "Bugsy" today and I can't tell you how happy and pleased I am.  It is an exact likeness and beautiful.  Thank you for making my holidays so much nicer."
                                                                                          ---J. Healy
                                                                                               Atlanta, GA

Custom Cat Urns
A Personalized Pet Urn of "Greyfoot Hobbs."
"Thank you so much for the sculpture of "Greyfoot Hobbs".  You managed to capture his sweetness in your work.  It will bring us years of pleasure."
---L. Skiff,  CA

Custom Dog Statues Hector
A custom dog statue of "Hector" a mixed breed dog.
"Thank you so much for the beautiful statue you made of my dog, "Hector".  It's so perfectly detailed it's unbelievable.  I'm sure it was quite a challenge for you since he's such an odd mix.  The statue is on a shelf in our living room for all to see.  Thank you again and have a happy holiday season."
                                                                                                                                            ---L. Minz, WI
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