Custom Dog Urns & Custom Cat Urns

Our Custom Dog Urns and Custom Cat Urns measure 7 1/2”L X 5 1/2” W X 5”H and will hold the cremains of pets that weighed up to 100 lbs. in life. The Extra-Large will hold up to 140 lbs. 

We think of our dogs and cats as our children. We are even called “pet parents” and yet their time with us is way too short. We, at S.G. Hoffman Pet Statues, know first hand of the feelings of devastation with the loss of our loved ones.

We can create a custom statue of your beloved dog or cat and set it atop one of our handsome, furniture-quality wooden urns. We have been told by our customers that having a statue of their own dog or cat helps them heal.

Through your photos we can tune in and feel the essence and personality of your dog or cat.

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