Custom Dog Statue/ Custom Cat Statue

We  will create a custom-made, hand-sculpted statue of your own beloved dog or cat.

Each figurine is individually hand-sculpted in a soft, ceramic clay using your pet’s photographs as the model.  The piece is fired to hardness and cooled.  Using your pet’s photographs for reference, the sculpture is then hand-painted with acrylic paints.  The piece is mounted on a two-tiered wooden base with a brass inscription plate (up to 10 words). Our Custom Statue is about 8″ long and 4 1/2″ tall.   (The larger base measures 8 1/2″ X  11″)


Double Statue

Our Double Statue allows two of your pets to lie together on one base.  Each sculpture is slightly smaller than the Custom Statue.  (You must send at least one photo that shows the two pets together so we can see their size proportions.)


Personalized Pet Urn with Custom Statue

As pet-lovers ourselves, we at S.G.Hoffman Pet Statues understand how terribly difficult the loss of a beloved pet can be.  To us, there is little distinction between a human and an animal….we love them all and want to remember.  In this spirit of loving memory, we proudly offer a beautiful wooden urn crowned with an original sculpture of the dog, cat or other animal that you have cherished throughout its life.  The handsome wooden urn is felt-lined with brass hardware.  A brass plate bearing your inscription (up to 10 words) is mounted on the front of the urn.

L $240.00/ XL $290.00

Keepsake Statue

Our Keepsake Statue bakes a small amount of your pet’s ashes in a glass vial within your Custom Dog or Cat Statue.  It is then mounted on a two-tiered base which measures 8 1/2″ X 11″ and is available in cherry, oak or walnut.  (Please include about one teaspoon of ashes with your order.) Brass plate is included.


Custom Dog Statues - Custom Cat Statues

Life Size Statue

Please call (800) 716-2548 for information about a life size statue of your dog. 

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