Life Size Dog and Cat Statues

We now offer custom, life size statues for indoor or outdoor display.  

Just imagine a full size statue of your beloved dog or cat on your front lawn or in your backyard–your family sentinel. Since each statue requires a minimum of  three months to create, we are limiting orders to four per year.  

Please call us for pricing info, since prices vary with the size of your dog or cat.  (800) 716-2548.

This is Mona meeting a life size statue of her brother, Prince who passed away two years ago.  She seems to be wondering if it’s actually him. Other life-sized samples are below.

Custom Dog Statues - Custom Cat Statues

Modified Life-Sized Statues

These statues start off as ready-made dog or cat statues from molds. We find one that resembles your dog or cat and then modify it to look like your own pet. This process saves you money and time as opposed to commissioning a fully custom statue. Please call us for pricing since prices vary depending on the size of the pet and how much modification needs to be done.

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